The Most Realistic Dental Training Aid Ever Created!

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This is as close as it gets to performing surgery on a real life patient. Using our ground breaking 3D Printing technology, DENTMOLD training molds allow you to practice and enhance your dental skills on an almost lifelike jawbone. 

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Life Like

Just like a human jaw, once cut with a scalpel, the DENTMOLD training mold will bleed, offering a realistic experience to better prepare you for live surgery.


Practicing on a pigs head was as close as we could get, until now... The DENTMOLD training mold offers an even more realistic practice environment and is a lot more hygienic than obtaining and storing a pigs head.

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Mold 3.png

Multiple Use

Whether you are needing to practice placing implants or removing soft tissue, the lifelike DENTMOLD training mold serves multiple purposes so that you can hone whatever dental skill you need. 

Modular Design

Remove used components of theDENTMOLD and reinsert new ones to use the training mold again.

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